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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pasir Timbul Snorkling Spot At Manswar Island - Raja Ampat Trip

Band Of Us At Port Of Waisai

Hey Folks,
It's been quite sometime for me to not write any in my blog. So this time, it's about my fun trip with some of my amazing friend to Raja Ampat. The first picture is when we arrived at the port of Waisai, August 10th 2013. It's already 06:30 and we all kind of tired because the ferry is full and our seat is clashing with other passenger and the ship that we're suppose to use is having some engine trouble, so we all need to change a ship and it has been delayed for 1 hour already. But along the ferry trip we all have fun with some chat and hang around with some people in the ship. It's good to meet some Estonians Friends and Kalimantan Friends!

Waisai Inn
So, there we are, at Waisai. Meet some of my friends at the port, he then manages us to get some place to stay and some transportation to the hotel. We stay at this small but very nice hotel near the port. The driver took us there. It's quite affordable hotel and good quite environment. After get some rooms, we all  unpacking and get ourself some good bath. The Estonians, Erica & Indrek, The Kalimantan, Dwi & Abu, Me & Yanti. The 6 of start to find something to eat. But unfortunately, all the eating place still closed because of idul fitri holiday. so we all circling around to find some place and eventually we stumble at this small story own by some Haji from Makassar, very nice and friendly. They took us inside and fed us some cookies and drink and even give us some cookies to be taken away. but finally we found one eating place that is still open and thanks god for that! It's a funny story that night. Finally, we all can go back to the hotel with the full stomach. We manage to get some good rest that night.

Pasir Timbul
I woke up early in the next day just to manage some boat for our snorkeling trip. After half day trying to get some cheaper boat for rent then, finally I can get one for us. Some of my friend from Sorong, who happens still at Waisai, come and join us at the last minutes. Fredie & Yuen and their 3 nephews. The car, is coming then took us to this small harbour near te traditional market. the group then off with the rent speedboat to Manswar Island. The waves is quite big but still safe to sail. The boat is very fast and we reach the Manswar Island within minutes from Waisai.

Abu At The Bottom
 The Rest of the story is as you can see in the pictures, how fun it is and how beautiful the place is. Actually we still had some place to go to, but there are storm is coming, and it is quite dangerous for us to sail to the rest of those places, so we decided to go back instead. We are stop by at this small tiny island called Miospun, a beautiful small little island with white sand, and managed to talk with the owner of it. The owner is building some homestay in there! So, that's a good thing to know!

 After, play around and swim around the beach, we all go back to Waisai.
Dwi In Action

 We spend the night at waisai by hanging around, find some food. It's rainy though. Along this trip, we all have some really good time and fun each other.
Yanti First Time Snorkling
 Laugh & Laugh is almost all the time. Indrek is very funny guy. Sometime some serious talking is included, but the main thing is fun! the girls also the same. This trip is Awesome. Not only it is cheap but it is fricking fun all the way!
Indrek & Erica
 And as you enjoy those picture, these pictures is taken with some cheap pocket camera, so bear the quality and the amateur shot (shaky, blurs & everything). The real scene is 10 times beautiful than these pictures.
Kids Having Fun
 We all got early called in the next day, because there's only one departure schedule for the ferry. Without wasting time we all in the rush to pack everything and headed to the port. What a one crazy early morning for all of us. But then we managed to arrived at the port and get some ticket.

Yuen & Fredie
We left Waisai and headed to Sorong. It is 2 hours long with the ferry. In Sorong, Abu, Dwi & Yanti stayed at the same hotel near the Airport for one night while Yanti is spent 2 nights. Indrek & erica stay at the hostel for 3 more night before they headed to Bau-Bau to visit Wakatobi.

It was Fun to having those guys in a trip. Really enjoy the trip and it was an awesome trip! Many funny stories to be remembered too!

Hopefully, one day, we all can get together again to do another fun adventure.

We've been planing, for the 2014 Raja Ampat Trip. Where the international sail event is going to be held in Raja Ampat! But the nearest event is in October, The Raja Ampat Marine Festival. It is a 3 days Festival with full of many things from modern music to traditional stuffs.

Meet Big Nemo!
Until we meet again, Indrek & Erika... Abu & Dwi... Would love to have a trip with you guys agaaiin....


That's all folks!

Snorkeling Video   <----


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