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Monday, March 18, 2013

My Sound Hunt Trip 2013 (Raja Ampat Island Re-Visit)

Gamsum Sunset at Mayalibit Bay

Gamsum Sky
Port Of Waisai Sunset
So, I got involved with this Movie Company from USA, McGillivray Freeman Films Inc. The story I getting involved is by one of my friend Mr. Ronald. I met this gentleman who is the music producer for the Movie Title “Island Paradise” which is an IMAX format (GIANT SCREEN) documentary movie, his name is Mr. Steve Wood.

Bayoun Hole
The Gamsum Landlord
Mr. Wood is already an established musician and music producer, he’s been working with legends like Stevie Wonder, Bryan May, Sting and many other who’s a big time legends in the international music industry, also he’s Kenny Loggins (Grammy-award Winning Artist) keyboard player, background vocal and music director, and produce some album with him. As we know these legends are multi award winning and serious people in the music business. Mr. Wood himself is an award winning producer in the Big Screen Format Movie Award, he’s been awarded several time for his work in the several movies. In short, he’s the most creative person I’ve ever met so far when speaking of musical sense creative’s. Also, his years of experiences as an Audio Engineer and music producer is very very very SOMETHING ELSE!!! It’s an honor for me to work with him in this movie project!

Village By The River

Village Kids
We met several times and also wrote a song, and then he assigns me to capture a sound, music & voice that can be use in the movie. He then gave me The ZOOM H4N recorder, which is commonly used for field recording. After sometime I was round the city of Sorong, West Papua to search what I’ve got in mind, then it is cross my mind to do the Sound Hunt Trip of my own, since Sorong cannot provide sounds, voices or songs that I need, it is just too few option for me. So I propose to him about this idea, Mr. Steve agreed and sent me out for my sound hunt trip. Since the movie is about Raja Ampat Island, I decided to go to Raja Ampat Island again in order to search sound, songs, voice which is originally from that particular island, then I spot some villages that might contain sounds, voices and songs that I need. This time, I went more remote areas of Raja Ampat Island.

The Great Siam River Bank

The Great Siam River
So, again, The Great Mayalibit Bay of Raja Ampat Island is my destination. After long preparation, delaying and everything that it takes to make it happen, I, then do My Sound Hunt Trip 2013 in early March of 2013! With the help of some elders of several tribe in there and some of the landlord, I managed to have a home stay in several villages. This trip costs me a lot if you might ask! If you don’t believe me, then do it your own then you wouldn’t believe yourself how much you spend for that particular trip. It is a complex processes when it came down to musicians, singer, and songs permissions etc! And those things aren’t cheap I said!

"Pintu Hidup"
Village Creek
I managed to record some great songs, sounds and voices after I travel village after village, go up on some mountain, went to some big rivers, enter thick jungles, meet village people, deal with them, also I suffer sunburn, bugs bite and everything that adventure might cause but all in all it was all worthies the price! What I’ve found and got, make Mr. Wood so very happy and enthusiastic about the result! As for me, I’m really satisfied with my sound hunt trip! It is a wide opening eye for me to explore cultures that almost gone. And maybe, if one day, what I found will present in some library or museum then that would be very nice for Mr. Steve and Me!

Rainbow Foot At Lopintol

So, i guess that be all for now, will tell more after finish me sound editing processes. Got so fricking busy...

The Mayalibit Bay Entrance

Maybe later...

Meet Panus & The Gank - Village Kids
*enjoy those pictures that i took using cheap pocket camera... i was planning to put some of the videos that i shot in my youtube channel but that would be later after I edited them all! For now, just pictures!

(p.s. if any of you want to investing money for tourism (cottage, inn, lodge or anything related, then I know places that available for that, and  bet you, that those places are NO JOKE! and also, I know who's the landlord is!!!)


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