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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


So, continue from my last writing about MY KALITOKO ADVENTURE.
Rock Island
 Me, Ketty, Om Dailom, Matius and their relatives, off from Waisai Boat Pier about 14:00, after having my Sunday service. It was after me and Ketty taking care of everything about picking me up with the boat.  And After shop some groceries and gas for the boat at some traditional market near the pier.

Sea View
So there we are on the boat heading to Kalitoko. The weather is quite sunny  and friendly enough to sail with the boat. It’s been awhile since my last boat ride (it was 14 years ago) so, it’s kinda of little scary with the tide and currents but that doesn't stop me at all.

Mayalibit Conservation
We sail and see some great view of Waisai shores, i can see most interesting view of beaches and the sea is quite clear so we can see through the reef beneath. After about an hour we reach the bay entrance. Mayalibit Conservation, is the first place that we’re gonna meet. After enter the bay entrance, we see ahead the weather is turning bad. The black cloud is everywhere with heavy rain with it. We are not planning to stop at Mayalibit Conservation but the weather force us to have stop to let the storm passing by.

Me & Om Dailom
So we turn the boat to Mayalibit Pier and stop for awhile in there. This Mayalibit Conservation is a place where you can snorkeling and fed the fish from your own hand. It’s not a big place to snorkeling but that small fraction of the sea is full with fishes and reef is quite amazing! It may look like we are in the different world if we are snorkeling with a clear view. There are those small shark that swim by also and they are not dangerous. It is quite an experience to snorkeling in there.

After The Storm
After enough with the snorkeling, and the storm has pass, we continue the trip. There are two separate island that block the view of the entrance, that look like a door from afar. It seem that there’s no way to go through but as the boat approach near, its start to see a large opening, this place, i can see the heavy currents that swirl and twisted like a hell! Pretty scary but Dailom is an experienced boat driver so, there are no trouble at all to pass that area. We plan to stop at this river where it has two kind of feel. The cold and The warm feel. But unfortunately, its not possible because it the water is too low.

Lopintol Village

So, we choose to pass Lopintol area. About to reach Lopintol Village, the heavy rain is start to pour on us. There no place to stop, so we decided to go through, but not long after that that rain is pass and i can see the most calmest water surface ever with my own eyes!

Pre-Historic Rock Island
It’s so beautiful, i can see some sea eagle fly us by and some fish is jumping around on the water surface. That experience is very interesting to me, but the view is most beautiful as far as i can describe! Along this trip we see so many island and caves that still untouched and pure!

Batu Kontol
We are reaching “Batu Kontol”, which is Kalitoko is across ahead. The heavy rain and tide is hit on us again. Dailom struggle to manage the boat. What an adventure! It was like the tide is banging the boat and the rain that so heavy make it worse. But in the middle of that, i see this big fish is jumping out of the water! Really a priceless trip for me!

Sea Scene
It takes almost 3 and a half hours for us to reach Kalitoko from Waisai.  When we enter the Kalitoko river, the rain is stop. Wet and tired i’m so busted, but very excited  Kalitoko is a small village in the Waisai Island Bay. The people is very friendly, the village itself is a fisherman kind of village. Surrounded by mangrove and thick forest, Kalitoko is a great place to having some adventure of the nature!

Me at Kalitoko Village Gate

So... to be continued!


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