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Monday, February 25, 2013


Ave Maria Ship
It’s been quite awhile that i haven’t write any in my blog. Well, this time is about my adventure on Raja Ampat Island, BACKPACKER STYLE!!!

Waisai - Raja Ampat
It is sunny bright on 18th Novembwer of 2012, i had appointment with Ketty to go to Jembatan Puri Harbour in midday. After packing everything and make sure that i have all the money in my wallet (which is important!), i’m using “ojek” by Nathan to go to the harbour. This is my first trip to Raja Ampat and sure it is exicited me in every way possible. Sorong is very hot and the sun is shinning bright on that day. I wear jacket with the hut on to protect me from sunburn. After calling Mr. Barias that i’m going to stay at his place when i’m at Waisai (Capital of Raja Ampat) and make sure that he get my message clear, i arrived at the harbour. Me and Ketty with Boy (local Raja Ampat Kid) is in the same ship.

Waiwo Beach

Waiwo Cottage
Unfortunately, Mr. Barias is in the different ship which way faster than ours. Ave Maria, that’s the ship that me, Ketty & Boy use. Rp. 100.000,- is for the ticket and quite cheap but a bit slower than the other one which is more expensive. We wait at the dock and finally on board and wait for the ship to sail at about 14:00 local time. Me, Ketty & Boy, just having chit-chat to kill our waiting time until the ship is off from the pier.

Risat w/ Moray Eel
It takes about 3 hours from Sorong to Port Of Waisai using The Ave Maria. Along the way, we can enjoy some sea view which quite common for sailor and about to reach The Waisai Island we can see group of dolphin is welcoming by swim near the ship. We reach Port Of Waisai about 17:00+, again, i call Mr. Barias to send someone pick me up at the port. There’s no public transportation in Waisai, everybody using “ojek” to get commute or using their private vehicle such as motorcycle or car. It will cost around Rp. 10.000,- to Rp. 50.000,- depends on the distance travel. We wait about 15 minutes but nobody coming to pick me up, so we decided to walk because Ketty said that Mr. Barias place is not too far from the port. So, we walk and about 100 m and suddenly Risat (the kid from the church that i used to help their music ministry, who's stay with Mr. Barias) is show up with motorcycle to pick me up. So me parted with Ketty & Boy, because Ketty stay at her aunt house while at Waisai. Me & Ketty will later travel to Kalitoko Village (Ketty hometown) but first thing is, i’m going to watch Raja Ampat Sea Festival.

 It is 3 days festival that held in Waisai Beach, local called it Tewas (Tembok Waisai) which is the beach that conserve to be a picnic or some kind of tourist attraction place.
TeWas Monument

So, i arrived at Mr. Barias place, after taking a bath, not wasting too much time, i went to the festival, which not so far from Mr. Barias place. It takes 10 minutes by foot. The festival is quite crowded and there’s so many people came.

Raja Ampat Sea Festival 2012

There are huge stage and some stands which promoting about Raja Ampat. And not to mention those “Kaki Lima” which is selling goods and stuffs. During the festival, which is pack traditional to modern act, i can see so many richness in cultures of Raja Ampat People. From dance to singing. There are particular ethnic music called “Suling Tambur which fascinating to watch and hear! Those are the fun 3 day for me, with sunburn on my face.

While in Waisai, i have the chance to visit most common tourist place with Ketty & Boy and Risat is helping me a lot with transportation. Food is quite easy in Waisai but mostly is Seafood. The taste is pretty standard since some of it is Javanese cook so, i’m not that into those kind of food.

Suling Tambur
The sun in Waisai is burning, i can tell! It’s so frickin HOT! I wear jacket with hut every time i go out. During stay at Mr. Barias place, i gather more information about Kalitoko from everybody that i can ask. Kalitoko is my main destination of adventure, so i need to know more so i can decide what to do while in there.

Crowd At Festival
Traditinal Papuan Dance
Dailom Boat
It is Sunday, after service, after long preparation and arrangement making with Ketty parents to pick me up at Waisai with their boat. Finally, Om Dailom (Ketty Father’s, Matius (Ketty Brother’s and some kid of their relative) arrived with the boat about noon time. We buy some groceries and gas for the boat and then we are to go to Kalitoko!

Matius & His Relatives
So that’s it from now... To Be Continued...


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