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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Got A New Blog! New Introduction...

Hi there,

Well... eeuuhhmmm.. let see where to begin...
Let me begin with my long story of work background, what y'all say?

It is started 15 years ago, when i first came to city name Bandung, a capital of west java. I just finish my high school so went to Bandung to have some college education. It was a very strange city for me since i'm not a city boy kind of, but more or less a country boy who love nature adventure. But i try to adjust myself after couples of week learning the new custom and dialect. I finally manage myself in and get a proper staying after my cousin taking care of me about a month.
I went to Stiepar Yapari Aktripa, it is a tourism college and one of the finest of that moment since its one of the oldest that exist. My major was management and my class it's about 30 students. In here i make some new friends which is some of them are my best est friend in college till now and after several months i moved to my new place of staying. At my new place i met this huge guy that can play drums and we both had a same interest of 80's hair metal music. I play guitar since age 11 and continue doing it in a vocal group kind of thing until high school and perform almost every sunday at various church and some christian occasions too. So at my new place, i used to spend afternoon with hang out at our place with my house mates and play guitar and sing. For short, this where everything is started. Me and the huge guy name Hendra, and my college mates name Sunu we started a band, with my best friend Deny as the manager. The band called Deave which is no meaning at all if you ask about the name :). So we started as an amateur band, playing small gigs here and there. After sometimes, i take an electric guitar and music theory lessons to improve myself. but most of the time i learnt by myself, it is only very short of courses time that i am taking, after that i discover by myself about how to play guitar and sing. After sometime, a new guitar player is recruited named Helmy. He's doin all the lead part while i'm doing the vocals stuffs and rhythm guitar parts. And then boom! i just cant stop playing music. I play in various band as sessionist vocalist and guitarist. I play in most cafe and pub in town and in some big venues and gigs. My musical journey is already begin. All the events majorly happening in Bandung and Jakarta.
After several years, i started to learn computer and internet world. This is where i started put my mind in recording. Years gone by, i started making some studio demo with some church band. I learned many things about recordings. As time walk on, i also learned so much about live sound since it's a very close to my world at the time. So far i learnt all that stuffs by myself with no proper education until i take some online course about music & recording. After i understand and get what i need to know, i already making some albums with my band, ArrowLine and SoFire. I started teaching and tutoring guitar and band. and at the same time with my songwriting skills, composing skills and arrangement skills getting sharper, i gain more and more advanced knowledge of music, recording and live sound. and not only i know and understand very well but i come to the practical everyday stuffs too. And that, is shape my musicianship in form of complete musician as well as an engineer.

Haduhh.. cape ekh pake bahasa inggris... Anggap aja bilingual niy..

Saya cukup beruntung karena bisa manggung dan mengajar yang tidak cuma di Indonesia tapi secara regional seperti Singapura. Bermain sepanggung dengan band-band besar kaliber internasional dan kelas Grammy dan Dove award adalah hal yang sangat menyenangkan karena bisa mengobrol dengan mereka bertukar info atau sekedar mengobrol dan hang out. Band saya pernah menyandang penghargaan sebagai band pendatang terbaik dan salah satu lagu saya pernah masuk nominasi lagu terbaik tahun ini di ajang pernghargaan Indonesian Gospel Music Award 2006. Sedangkan secara pribadi, saya berulang kali dinobatkan sebagai gitaris terbaik dan berbakat dan juga vokalis terbaik (padahal gw mah gag bisa nyanyi.. hehehe) di berbagai acara kampus. Akan tetapi semua itu bukanlah hal yang mudah untuk dicapai sampai dengan sejauh itu. Saya berusaha keras siang dan malam, berlelah-lelah dan bersakit-sakit yang tidak main-main. Di saat orang lain sedang bersenang-senang, sy banyak menghabiskan waktu dengan berlatih, berlatih dan berlatih. Saya sangat senang membaca dan mengumpulkan informasi, berjam-jam saya habiskan waktu untuk hal itu. tapi itu semua karena saya sangat mencintai musik dan musik adalah hal yang luar biasa bagi saya karena bisa berbicara secara universal dan berkomunikasi dengan satu bahasa yang bisa dimengerti oleh berbagai orang di dunia ini.

Sekarang ini, saya bekerja full time di dunia musik sebagai, pencipta lagu, arranger, composer, musisi rekaman, performer panggung, pemain gitar, audio engineer, live sound engineer, recording engineer, mixing engineer, pro tools engineer, pelatih band dan tutor musik dan ahli akustik ruangan. Disamping itu saya adalah Motion Design Graphics Designer dan Graphic design artist.

So, cukup dulu deh... :)

Segitu saja dulu yaa... ohh iya, jgn lupa klik links yang ada disamping kalo pengen taw ttg musik saya. masih demo dan belum dikerjain serius krn sibuk, hanya sebatas iseng.

See you all later...

Take care and Have A Blessed Life, People!

Ciiiaaaoooo... :)


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